Develop the Powerful Habit of Mindful Focus

Creating a life of focus, purpose and mindfulness is a tough thing these days. You want to bring forth your gifts to the world, but you’re pulled in a thousand directions, plagued by overwhelm, distractions, obligations, a ton of messages and emails.

You would like to:

  • Be more mindful and find a greater sense of focus in your life
  • Be more effective in your work and life
  • Achieve a sense of peace and calm amidst daily uncertainty
  • Accomplish projects without getting waylaid and distracted by a thousand other directions

Demons of Chaos

Unfortunately, it’s not always so easy. The Demons of Chaos stand in your way:

  • Other people’s demands, and a pile of emails and messages

  • Distractions from social media and other online comfort foods for the distracted mind

  • Putting important things off because of the uncertainty & discomfort of them

  • It’s not easy dealing with these difficulties ... but this course will help you find the mindful focus you’re looking for.

What This Course Offers

We help you to deal with the Demons of Chaos in this course:

  • Concise video lessons

    The course is broken into 4 weekly modules of short, watchable video lessons (no hour-long videos that you don't have the time for).

  • Doable action steps

    We lay out the actions you need to take in short, doable steps each week. And ask you to check in at the end of the week's training.

  • Simple Tools

    We share simple tools and daily and weekly structures you can use to find focus, deal with distraction, and bring mindfulness to your day.

  • And more

    We allow you to download the videos to keep, have a downloadable PDF of all lessons, and go deep into mindfulness training to create true change.

Course curriculum

  • 1
    Intro Module: Welcome to the Course
    • Welcome!
    • Intro to the Intro Module (start here)
    • The 4 Modules of this Course
    • Weekly Pacing & Daily Practice
    • Set Up for Success
    • Action Time (Intro Module)
    • Bonus - Morning Routine
    • Bonus - Tools
    • Two Questions to Set Up Your Success
  • 2
    Module 1: Clarity
    • Intro to Week 1
    • Clarity & the 3 Demons of Chaos
    • Clarity on Distraction
    • Clarity on Indecision
    • Clarity on Procrastination
    • Clarity on Meaningful Work
    • How to Find Your Meaningful Work
    • Focus on Meaningful Work
    • Action Time (Module 1)
    • FAQ: Answers to a Couple Common Questions
    • Reflect on your learning
    • Week 1 Check-in
  • 3
    Module 2: Structure
    • Intro to Week 2
    • Effective Structure Intro
    • How Structure Affects Focus
    • Elements of Effective Structure
    • Creating Your Effective Structure
    • Start Day & Tasks with Intention
    • Time Block
    • Focus Rituals
    • Batch Tasks
    • Process Inbox
    • Demo Processing Inbox
    • Allow for Flexibility
    • Review & Close Your Day
    • Weekly Structure
    • Action Time
    • Action Time (Module 2)
    • Reflect on your learning
    • Week 2 Check-in
  • 4
    Module 3: Focus
    • Intro to Week 3
    • Brief Overview & Benefits of Focus
    • What Focus Looks Like
    • Creating Your Focus Ritual
    • Implementing the Focus Ritual
    • Dealing with Uncertainty
    • Dealing with Procrastination
    • Procrastination Practice
    • Action Time
    • Action Time (Module 3)
    • Reflect on your learning
    • Week 3 Check-in
  • 5
    Module 4: Simplicity
    • Intro to Week 4
    • Creating a More Deliberate Pace
    • Simplicity: Narrowing Your Focus
    • Obstacles: What Stands in Our Way?
    • Overcoming Obstacles
    • Cutting Out Distractions
    • Distraction-less Environment
    • Distraction-free demos
    • Action Time 1
    • Implementing Deliberate Pace
    • Action Time 2
    • Action Time (Module 4)
    • Reflect on Your Learning
    • Week 4 Check-in
  • 6
    Closing & Next steps
    • Mindful Focus - continued practice
    • FAQ: Answers to Common Questions
    • More resources for you
    • Mindful Focus Course slides
    • Before you go...

About the Instructor

  • Leo Babauta

    Leo Babauta

    Leo Babauta is the creator of Zen Habits (, where he has written about simplicity, mindfulness and habits for more than a decade. He has trained thousands of people in changing their habits, and is on a mission to change a million lives through his uncertainty training.

What Others Have Said

“Leo led us through a great mix of deeper meditation practices along with tactical productivity tips. I left feeling energized to approach difficult and challenging tasks in my life with greater calm and would absolutely recommend it! ”

Lavi KilaruLavi Kilaru

“If you want to get comfortable with being uncomfortable so you can live the life your heart desires sign up now!”

Nancy StansberryNancy Stansberry

“Leo is truly doing great work by sharing tools to be effective in the world, but more importantly reminding us to open our hearts and be mindful of the present.”

Alex ThorltonAlex Thorlton

“ I feel like Zen Habits is my big instruction book for navigating life. It has helped me let go of some life long negative habits so that I can be more open, loving, compassionate, creative, and productive.”

Jeff WolinJeff Wolin

“ I find myself thinking of your teaching daily, especially when running into roadblocks I normally would run away from. It stays with me every day, and I am discovering a rare combination of human empathy and personal discipline that I did not know was in me.”

Ethan SchiffEthan Schiff

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long will the course last? Do I still have access after that time?

    The course is structured to last 4 weeks, but if you fall behind or want to come back, you'll still have access to the course later. We recommend, however, that you download the videos and PDF of the lesson to keep.

  • Do you offer refunds?

    Yes, absolutely. We stand behind our work. If you aren't satisfied with the course, we'll give you a 100% refund, no questions asked. Just email us at to get a refund.